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Environment focused technology development applications for small to medium enterprises were first invited by the National Development Agency in 2008. The application was closed on 15th January, 2009 but, according to the action plan for 2009-2010, a new invitation will be issued in the first quarter of this year again. According to the action plan the rate of subsidy can be 40-50% of the total accountable cost.
Technological developments to be subsidised can aim the following areas:
Introduction of material and energy saving technologies poor in waste and emission Application of the best available technique (BAT) Technologies aiming at the replacement of basic and auxiliary materials by renewable and secondary raw materials Environment friendly packaging technology This application has the speciality that applicants are not required to undertake economic obligation (e.g. increasing revenues) through the development. This could prove very important in these times of recession. On the other hand it is an essential element of the application invitation to achieve a reduction of environmental load due to the development project. For the selected environmental performance indicators the applicant should present the environmental load reduction both compared to the starting value (base value) and on the value undertaken. The achievement of the values undertaken is the contractual obligation. The base value of undertakings for the reduction of environmental load has to be supported by an authenticated certificate.
In the reports prepared during project implementation the applicant should submit the authenticated values related to the given year for all undertakings pertaining to environmental load.
This means that the base values and the target values implemented during the project have to be verified by an authenticated certificate. Due to the accreditation as well as the professional training and authorization of its employees SGS Hungária Kft. is ready to accomplish the authentication of environmental data required to obtain the subsidy.
Another condition of obtaining the subsidy is that the applicant must have or should undertake the certification of the environment focused management system meeting the requirements of ISO 14001, or the registration according to EMAS, or must obtain the qualification for the EU eco-label or for the domestic Environment Friendly Product.
The certification and authentication of environment focused management systems according to ISO 14001 or EMAS, respectively, belong to the main activities of SGS Hungária Kft. so we are always at the disposal of our customers with these services as well.
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