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With goods travelling the globe for distribution, security is paramount – to protect both you and your customers.

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The TAPA Trucking Security Requirements (TAPA TSR) specify the minimum acceptable standards for security throughout supply chains utilizing trucking and associated operations, including the methods to be used in maintaining those standards.

The TAPA TSRs outline the processes and specification necessary for your suppliers to achieve compliance for their trucking operations. They are designed to ensure that your high-value assets are transported across the globe safely and securely.

SGS is approved by the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) worldwide to carry out certified assessments against their Trucking Security Requirements. Our TAPA certification assessment will include an audit of security elements across your business and will also help you to identify any areas of concern with your own cargo security standards.

As a key link in your supply chain management, a logistics certificate from TAPA will demonstrate your commitment to increasing and improving security, as well as meeting the requirements of your customers.

As the world’s leading verification and certification body we perform audits against all global and regional security requirements, including:

  • ISO 28000 (also certifiable)
  • TAPA FSR (also certifiable) 

Partnering with SGS to achieve TAPA TSR certification leads to better performing processes, increasingly skilful personnel and more sustainable customer relationships – in turn, delivering profitable competitive advantage. We are the market leader in the field of transportation and supply chain security, having issued over 600 TAPA certificates.

Improve your organization’s supply chain security with certification from SGS against the TAPA Trucking Security Requirements.